Ask before you buy

To be sincere, everyone knows what he/she needs at a point in time. Our mind and the present situation will always inform us if we need what we want to buy or not, unless we want to deceive ourselves.

But if you are not convinced enough by your mind and the present situation, either to buy or not, ask yourself these questions below if you need what you want to buy or not.


Question #1 – What is the motive behind buying what I want to buy? ‘There is always a reason behind every want’


Question #2 – What purpose will this product serve me? You need to identify the purpose of what you want to buy. How important the purpose is to you at that point in time should be crucial to your final decision.


Question #3 – Will it add to me or take away from me? Will it affect me positively or negatively in the long run? How positively it will affect you should determine if you will buy such thing.


If you can answer these questions sincerely, then you will know if you need what you want to buy or not.


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  1. Know what you want to buy – Before you even think of buying anything online make sure you know everything about the product or goods you want to buy. You may ask; is it possible to buy what you don’t know? I will categorically say yes. It’s possible to buy what you know little or nothing about. For example, if you want to buy an android phone, you need to know the producer e.g. is it a techno, Samsung, Nokia android phone etc. You need ALL necessary & unnecessary information about the product from a well grounded source i.e either through the website or through those that knows the product very well, so as to avoid any fail in the future. I said unnecessary, because the information you termed unnecessary in the first instance, may later become the most important after all. So, it is very important for you to know what you want to buy.


  1. The price of the product/goods –You need to know the price from the real source (online shopping outlet website) and not from people around. Not even from those that have bought a product or goods from the online shopping outlet before, because prices are not always constant, they do change. Some people get disappointed when they were told this is the amount this product is sold for, but on getting to the online shopping outlet they met a totally different price. So, you need firsthand information from the outlet themselves.


  1. The exchange rate – You need to know the exchange rate of the dollar to your local currency which will give you the amount (Price of the product #2 above) in your own local currency so that you can know if you can afford it or not, especially when you are shopping on a foreign online shopping outlet.


  1. You need to know how the product will get to you – Make sure you get the right information on how the product will get to your doorstep; I mean right in your hands.


If you can follow all this step, then you are good to go.


If this information has been helpful, comment below