How to encrypt or secure your Microsoft word document by inserting a password

Encryption in Microsoft word is just securing your Microsoft word document with a password that only you or any other person you give the password to can access the document.

To encrypt

Open the document you want to encrypt/secure with a password

Go to File on the Microsoft word Menu

The Save As option should pop up

Go to Tools

Different Options will pop up

Click General Options

A new interface will pop up again showing where you can input the password you want to use to encrypt/secure your document

Type your desired password in the field provided

Input the same password to open and to modify.

If you want to Read-only then click the Read-only box

Then Click Ok.

And Then Save on the Save As pop up

You have encrypted/secure your document. No one can access the document without your permission (without you giving out your password).

NOTE: Use password that you can remember, because if you forget the password, you cannot gain access to the document.

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