Nigeria to establish University of Petroleum Resources

Abuja — President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Abuja pledged continued support for the socio-economic development of the Niger Delta region.

Buhari, according to a statement by his spokesman, Malam Garba Shehu, gave the assurance at a brief ceremony in the State House where he signed the bill establishing the University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, into law.

He quoted the president as saying “this administration is fully committed to supporting the Niger Delta in its endeavours to achieve socio-economic development.”

Shehu also said the president appealed to all communities in the region to strive for peace through dialogue in resolving all conflicts not only among them but also with business entities and the authorities.

“With the signing of the bill into law, the path has been cleared for the establishment of the specialised university in the Niger Delta, charged with training and research in petroleum technologies,” the statement added.


England wants Nigeria friendly


Reports coming in said that the English FA has contacted Nigeria on a possible friendly between England and Nigeria.

Both countries have already secured their spots at next year’s tournament in Russia and are now drawing up their preparations.

The game has been slated for next year, but will only hold if both teams are not in the same group, when the draws for the 2018 World Cup made December 1.

an NFF source said “We have received a mail from the FA asking for the friendly with the Eagles but it will only be confirmed after the draws, if we are in the same group we cannot play against each other,”

Nigeria needs Transformational leaders – Mallam Yusuf Alli (SAN)

While lamenting that after 56 years of political independence, Nigeria still battles with leadership and governance problems, Alli said the crop of leaders that have attained leadership position since independence, lacks vision.

He also expressed regrets that most of Nigeria’s political leaders were neck-deep in corruption and political bickering which he said led to the enthronement of maladministration and mismanagement of public resources with attendant economic setback and abject poverty among the people.

He said despite huge resources put into the implementation of policies geared towards good governance, there have not been visible changes in the living standard of the citizens, adding that the effect of corruption has had adverse effects on the development of the national economy.

His words: “Corruption is one of the major reasons for the poor economic performance, decaying infrastructures, the rising cost of living and poverty in Nigeria. The fight against corruption is that of the survival of the nation itself.

“The socio-economic and political development of a country depends on its ability to entrench and sustain good governance which is expressed in a committed, patriotic and disciplined leadership with a vision to advance the quest for national development.

“Sadly, Nigeria has existed for over five decades with little or no record of such socio-economic and political development. This ugly trend is connected with the pervasive corruption noted in the country.”

According to him, a decadent and corrupt society would not expect much in the area of accountability from their leaders adding, “The leaders themselves will freely abuse their positions and exploit the populace satisfying only a few cronies and vested interests. Such a society is open to violent conflicts, lawless behavior, and anarchy.

“Unfortunately, many African states, Nigeria inclusive, bear these traits and are tottering and moving slowly towards the precipice and they could easily fall into the abyss of failed states.”

The senior advocate said that fighting corruption is a necessary foundation for good governance and rule of law, which are the building blocks of sustainable development in any country.

The lawyer therefore called for honest leadership that would be a rallying point for citizens defining it as “One that can tame the consuming tides of corruption and evolve creative solutions to our myriad of problems.

“Addressing the leadership question without tackling the absence of this fundamental emotional investment in the country, would not be enough answer to our challenges. There should be either a person or an institution to pay allegiance to.”

Citing examples, Alli said George Washington in the United States is a role model to every one of the 42 presidents that succeeded him, “even though his example has usually been honored in the breach. His name is everywhere. His face adorns the dollar bill and the 25 cents coins.

“Across the modern US, 26 mountains are named after him, as well as 740 schools, a dozen colleges and universities, 155 towns and countries, various bridges, parks and forts; not to mention an entire state of the union and the very capital of the country he did so much to found.

“There is no such personality to whom we jointly show loyalty as a people in Nigeria. Our loyalty is to ethnic origin. The various individuals seen as heroes are so recognized only by people from their part of the country.”

While stressing that transparency would enhance democracy, Alli said the performance and measurement of democracy no longer stand differently from good governance. “The connection between both concepts and in short, success in the practice of democracy, lies strongly in the understanding that democracy, understood as good governance carries with it the capacity for improving society and welfare of its citizens.

Culled from The Guardian


There are misconceptions about Nigeria and Nigerians due to people’s myopic view of the country. Anyone that can look keenly and take time not only to visit the country but can just find out the truth about the special Nation will only but appreciate this great gift; (Nigeria) God has given to this world.

Nigeria is a great country, full of good people, but due to people not getting the facts, they give this country different names which are not palatable.

To this end, I want to make clarification on the very common misconception or misinterpretation the world has about Nigeria.

  1. All Nigerians are Spammers/419

This is arguably the biggest misconception the world has about this country. Almost all spammers/419 to an average human being is a Nigerian, which is far from the truth. There are Nigerians that are spammers but not all Nigerians are spammers. Nigeria is not a spam country, neither is its citizens spammers, but ‘it’s the bad sticks that is scattering the fire’. Most Nigerians are hardworking people, who work legitimately day and night to put food on their table. People need to erase the mentality that all Nigerians are spammers. There are evidence to back this claim that spam letters that claim to originate from Nigeria are blatantly not true. Read this to know the real truth. I repeat, not all Nigerians are spammers and not all spammers are Nigerians. Know the truth, before you speak.

  1. All Nigerians are corrupt

This is almost synonymous to the first misconception as people think almost every Nigerian is corrupt no matter your age or sex. I sit to disapprove with this thought as most Nigerians are extremely hardworking and intelligent people who engage in legitimate businesses and endeavors. There are points everywhere pointing to the fact that not all Nigerians are corrupt has the world make it look like. For example: I recommend this article As you will see the excellent, dedication and hardworking spirit, Nigerians possess. To say the truth, the most corrupt people in Nigeria are our leaders, not the common man on the street.

  1. All Nigerians are arrogant/pompous

This is a very funny misconception which mostly comes from Southern & Western Africa. They believe because Nigeria will not accept to be pushovers or second string, then they are pompous. The simple truth is that, Nigerians are excellent people, who pride themselves on their achievement as who will not be proud of his/her achievements. Nigerians feel they deserve to be treated specially but not trying to step on people, but putting themselves in a position of honour and regard. So is that arrogant? I have come across different comments claiming this misinterpretation but I have not seen any concrete evidence to show that Nigerians are arrogant. Nigerians respect people no matter the race, colour or where they come from and the only thing Nigerians demand is for the world to reciprocate that respect.

  1. Nigerians are terrorists

There are believe in some quarters, due to the Boko Haram terrorist ravaging the country, that Nigerians are terrorist which is far from the truth. Nigerians are not terrorists and will never be. We are peace loving people as evident by different peace keeping missions our troops have undergone in the past years and even recently. Details of Nigeria’s peace keeping missions can be found here – See this excerpt from the link, which says; ‘Nigeria’s participation in UN peacekeeping is primarily motivated by its quest for global peace, security and stability’ Is like saying because there is a bomb blast in the UK, France or any other country attacked by terrorist, then all the citizens are terrorists. A country that has contributed immensely to the peace and stability of not only Africa but the world at large should not be tagged with this evil name.

  1. All Nigerians are Drug dealers

This very grave misconception is common among South Africans who due to some Nigerians dealing in drugs in their country, now term all Nigerians as drug dealers, which is unacceptable. Yes, there are some Nigerians who deal in this things but the truth is, it’s not only Nigerians who deal in drugs. We have even the so called South Africans also doing same. The fact remains that drug dealers are everywhere, they come from just anywhere, and even most of them are from the developed world. So it’s very mind bugging to class all Nigerians as drug dealers because of some  bad heads amongst us. The good ones are far greater than the bad ones, you should know that. Nigerians are hardworking, law abiding people who indulge in legitimate ventures.

  1. Nigeria has the highest number of AIDS cases

This is very wrong and misleading. Nigeria doesn’t have the highest number of AIDS cases rather it’s South Africa. Get the truth, know the truth and digest the truth, before you propagate that truth.

  1. Nigerian players are age cheats

Even though it may be true that some Nigerian players reduce their age which is not peculiar to Nigeria alone, to face the fact, it happens everywhere in the world. But the truth remains, not all Nigerians are age cheat, some of them are rightly young.

  1. Mistake Niger for Nigeria

I come across this comment on a website and I have noticed that people mistake Niger for Nigeria which is very funny. Some people think Nigeria is a landlocked country; which should naturally not have a Navy but this is a big misconception. Nigeria is not a landlocked country, so it has Navy, check Wikipedia, it’s located in West Africa see the location of Nigeria here – or in Wikipedia – or This all point to Nigeria’s location in the world. Read this article – to know that Niger is the landlocked country not Nigeria.


Taking all the points into consideration, you will now know that Nigerians are good, caring and loving people, who are not only interested in the peace and prosperity of the world, but take it has a duty to make this world a better place for all of us.


I love my country; NIGERIA – Good people, Great Nation.